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Clickfunnels 30Days.com Review - Scam or Legit? First Impressions From The Inside!

http://www.the30daychallengebook.com - Join the Clickfunnels 30Days Summit and One Funnel Away Challenge!

Two nights ago, I almost talked myself out of signing up for the 30Days.com / One Funnel Away Challenge that Clickfunnels is launching right now. (Haven't seen the challenge yet? Check it out HERE.)

I found reasons to critique the copy, to mock Russell's video, to be annoyed with the offer, and I questioned whether I was going to be getting anything of value. (It's actually pretty hilarious - watch the video HERE as my husband and I brutally tear apart the 30Days.com funnel!)

But I pushed aside my objections and signed up anyway. I'm officially one step deeper into Russell's cult!

Here's what my $100 got me:

  • Access to the guided One Funnel Away Challenge, beginning on Oct. 15
  • Permanent digital access to the content from the 30Days.com summit - the interviews with 30 digital entrepreneurs who've made $1M+ with a funnel
  • Hard copy book with the content from the summit (full disclosure.. I do not want this book. I feel it's an imposition to force this on me. This is my number one complaint about this whole thing :))
  • Walkthroughs of the actual funnels the entrepreneurs used to generate 7 figures
  • Access to a private group with other funnel hackers and everyone else in the challenge

And I have to say... so far, I'm genuinely impressed.

We're still a month away from the actual challenge, and I already feel like I'm getting incredible value.

I know, I know. You just rolled your eyes at me. I sound like every other affiliate marketer out there, hyping this up. I'd roll my eyes at me too!

But how else am I supposed to word the truth? This content is amazing.

I watched Rhonda Swan's interview and walkthrough of her funnel today, and it's a wealth of actionable advice... a straightforward blueprint that anyone can use to create 5 figures in 30 days online.

Rhonda doesn't give you generic advice that you've heard in every free webinar you've ever joined about how to succeed in online marketing... no, she tells you the exact details of how she would structure each hour of her day, the format for researching topics and creating content, what motivational books she'd read to get her mindset right and what app she uses to wind down at night... this content is incredibly detailed and surprisingly useful.

And that's just 1 out of 30 interviews. I've gotten my hopes up now that this is going to be some pretty insane value for $100.

The other core component of what I've gotten is access to a private membership group for everyone going through the One Funnel Away Challenge, and I think this is pretty hit or miss, as such groups always are:

  • You've got sharks who are clearly trying to ingratiate themselves with everyone in the group in hopes of using them to somehow get ahead
  • Then there are the clueless people who ask inane questions and have no business being allowed to participate in the group
  • And finally, you'll find the majority of people who are active in the group to encourage and motivate each other, get advice, and bond with a likeminded community to help them grow.

I've found this last group of people to be pretty awesome so far! I've gotten some really detailed and insightful answers to questions I've asked, and I can see the potential for this group to thrive once the challenge officially gets going.

So what's my verdict?

I think the Challenge is more than worth $100... and that's with the actual challenge still being a month away!

If you are struggling to achieve the success you want online, or if you're stuck and looking for a breakthrough to take you to the next level in your business, I'm positive that the 30 interviews will help you to accomplish your goals.

They are legit blueprints for a 30-day action plan for success from people who have achieved the results you're dreaming of (the English major in me is cringing at that preposition, but 'the results of which you're dreaming' just sounds so pompous... what's a girl to do?!).

The private members community, future challenge, and hard copy book aside, these interviews and the behind-the-scenes walkthroughs of funnels from 30 successful online marketers and entrepreneurs are more than worth the price of admission.

Want to see if the 30 Days program is a good fit for you? Check out the online summit, where you'll get free access to the 30 interviews for 72 hours! Register HERE.

http://www.the30daychallengebook.com - Join the Clickfunnels 30Days Summit and One Funnel Away Challenge!